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Stephen Fry: The secret life of a manic depressive.

Stephen Fry

A personal recommendation of the utilization of the human givens approach with regards to manic depression has been posted on Stephen Frys forum, (as notified to us by the author of this blog). It is always incredibly exciting to find people talking about the human givens in forums and blogs like this, and it’s this sort of interaction that marks the real beginning of our blog.

Also I’ve been busy putting up past Human Givens Journal articles onto our online archive, so have a look, if you have time – re-reading them as I was putting them up was very valuable to me.

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How to take the emotional temperature of any population

As the thousands of students of Mindfields College know, physical and emotional needs are a form of knowledge programmed into us by nature (hence the term ‘human givens’) and every child and adult is genetically driven to try and get these needs met. When they can’t match up physical needs they get too hot or cold, or hungry or thirsty. And when emotional needs are not met sufficiently well enough in their environment, for whatever reason, people become anxious, angry or depressed. Eventually, if the situation persists, this can lead to more serious mental illness.

In a country where physical needs are easy to meet it is the emotional needs that are problematical. So the easiest way to find out if a group of people are mentally healthy is to ask them how well they are getting their emotional needs met by listing these innate needs and asking people to self-rate how well they feel they are met. We call this an emotional needs audit (ENA).

The first results of a survey of over a thousand people from all over the British Isles can be seen on the HGI website, we’ve just posted them there. We would like to know what you think about them!

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