Are you getting enough brain exercise?

Why doing crosswords and sudoku isn’t enough!

This is a recent entry from Alvaro at the excellent SharpBrains blog (which comes up every time I hit “tag surfer” on wordpress!), which is updated admirably regularly and is full of brain teasers and fascinating resources on the cognitive neuroscience behind developing our “mind fitness”.

An American organisation, SharpBrains, Inc works to highlight and bring to the public the vital importance of mental as well as physical health – bringing “brain gyms” to public attention and providing resources and information on how to develop your memory and give your brain a cognitive ‘work out’, which even can help to strengthen your brain as it ‘matures’!

A book they recommend on their resources page is John Ratey’s A User’s Guide to the Brain and, by happy coincidence, I have just this morning put up on our online archive extracts from Denise Winn’s interview with him (see here) from the Human Givens Journal back in 2001.

Now, I’m off to do some brain teasers…… :|

Posted by: Eleanor


4 responses to “Are you getting enough brain exercise?

  1. Thanks Eleanor! We’re glad you’re enjoying the blog – let us know if you need some tougher teasers! ;-)

  2. oh believe me I don’t think I will!!

  3. Yes, writing a blog, with HTML and all these things, is good exercise in itself: -)

  4. In my opinion the key to longevity and wellness is mental fitness.
    Last night I was surfing on the Internet when I came across an online brain gym which provides fun brain games, interesting articles and useful tips to prevent mental decline.
    You can get more information about the service at:

    I think it’s great! Finally, a fun place where we can do brain exercises, stay mentally fit and age better.

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