ENA project – please contribute!

It would be so helpful if everyone who comes across this blog also answered our emotional needs audit survey at www.enaproject.org, particularly if you live in the UK (although anyone, anywhere can do it!). The survey is short, confidential (no name and address needed) and consists of rating how well you feel all your different emotional needs are currently being met, serving as a good indicator of how mentally healthy your life is at the moment.

Currently, 1188 people have taken the survey and some of the most interesting results are that:

29.9% feel insecure in at least one major area of their life

22.9% say they are not being mentally or physically stretched in ways that make life meaningful

30.6% of the population say they suffer from unexplained physical symptoms

When you extrapolate the figures to show how these percentages (which have stayed remarkably stable throughout) translate into the population of the UK, which is just over 60 million, you start to get alarming numbers like: over 17 million people feel insecure in one major area of their life, over 13 million people feel they are not being mentally or physically stretched and over 18 million people suffer from unexplained physical symptoms.

The purpose of getting these figures is to collect and monitor exactly how well emotional needs are being met in our society today.

It is vital that we get as many people as possible to answer this survey, from a wide cross section of society, and you could also forward it to everyone you know – friends, acquaintances, colleagues and family, to help us reach as many people as possible and present the most accurate results.

Posted by: Eleanor


3 responses to “ENA project – please contribute!

  1. Hey! Found your blog via the comment that you left on mine. I took your survey :D

    Greetings from South Africa!!

  2. I took the ena survey. I found it thought provoking and reassuring in my case. In the past I’ve been a victim myself in the work environment so I can see where this could help others identify and understand a problem if it is indeed going on in their life. Excellent that it begins leading you to solutions if you desire.

  3. Hello danette! thanks for contributing :) greetings from rainy england!

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