Who has ruled the Middle East?

I can’t think of a way to relate this to anything but I really liked this animation showing who has ruled the Middle East [particularly the Mongol empire bit, as I went to Mongolia this summer : ) ] from 3000BC to 2006 and it was fascinating to see so here you are:

Who has ruled the Middle East?

And what an excellent excuse to show you a picture I took in Mongolia, an amazing country that I loved and where more people should visit:

Posted by: Eleanor : )


One response to “Who has ruled the Middle East?

  1. I became fascinated with Istanbul, then the history of Turkey and the surrounding region a few years back. That is when I discovered just how common that the change of rule was. Time wise it was interesting how the graphic shows the short time (relatively speaking) that many have had the borders we are accustom today.

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