Review and feedback!

As of tomorrow, MindFields College has had this blog for a month.  We’ve had over 1500 hits in this time, and this is fantastic!

Feeling our way into the world of business orientated blogging has been a fascinating experience, we have learned a lot and reading feedback and making connections has been so exciting! I’ve loved tinkering with the layout, using the WordPress features and other little gizmos (I particularly like our little clustr map which shows where in the world we are getting visited from!) but of course it is the content that is the most important component.

Now we are considering what has worked, what we need to change and how this blog is going to go forward and grow further.

It would be very valuable to have some feedback on who is reading this blog, whether you return to see any updates, what you like about it, what you don’t like, whether you’d be interested in longer involved posts or whether you prefer shorter snippets or news and reviews, whether you’d like more information about the background to the human givens approach and MindFields College or more practical posts on good mental health or anything else you suggest.

Looking forward to your comments!


Posted by: Eleanor


3 responses to “Review and feedback!

  1. Long or short doesn’t really matter to me. I like the content and the depth of thought. It would be nice to have a tracking feature to follow posts and what others might have to say.

    I have to admit I have only so much time in my day to read and respond to blogs. Often I read without responding, but I still find great value.

    I love the blog so far.

  2. I agree with everything posted by Bob, above. I subscribe to the Human Givens journal and I like the same things about the journal and this blog – which is that both are a mixture of short and long articles, the material is current, the tone is intelligent, often humorous and is never obscure. Please continue!

  3. Thank you so much Bob and Gill for your feedback, it’s great to hear from people who are reading this blog.

    Bob I will see what I can do about a tracking feature and Gill, thank you for your support! It is much appreciated!

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