A walk in the park

green fields

The MindFields College office is situated in a rural area of East Sussex.

While this makes the journey to work slightly more taxing than if we were in a city centre (e.g. getting stuck behind a slow moving tractor and only one train an hour at the local train station), it’s also lovely to be able to take a stroll with the dog through the brisk winter air in the fields at lunch time, gaze out the window through the willow tree at the old farm house, hear the geese honk over the ringing of the telephones, shuffle through the autumn leaves to the stock room…

But enough poetic licence, this is relevant because I’ve noticed an interesting article on the BBC news website about the launch of a new campaign by the conservation agency Natural England to get people out into nature and away from the NHS.

“The aim of the campaign is to get people to have more contact with the natural environment where they live by promoting green spaces and encouraging health professionals to incorporate them into the advice and care plans they give to patients.” 

According to a Natural England health adviser, spending time doing physical activity in the countryside is beneficial for both physical and mental health, and in doing so will take the pressure off the NHS by preventing ill-health.

Natural England also cite some findings to support their iniative:

– children with attention disorders improve with contact from nature,

– regular exercise is more likely to be kept up when it is conducted in a natural setting rather than in a gym,

– people convalescing from operations need less pain killers when they have a view of green fields,

– being close to nature cuts stress.

So, for those not fortunate enough to live or work close to the countryside, it’s worth making the effort to get out there, de-stress and improve your health!

Posted by: Eleanor


2 responses to “A walk in the park

  1. Lovely…and worth the effort evidently! I have a drive from home through the farmlands of Illinois to my work downtown St. Louis. I call it the Big Sky drive…the ride to and from work is often the best part of my day.

  2. Want to cooperate with our natural health portal?

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