Ministers disguise conviction-based policies as evidence-based

“At best, ministers and shadow spokesmen cannot distinguish between anecdote and science. At worst, they can be dodgy operators who use research selectively to “prop up” policies, or even fraudsters who think nothing of scientific malpractice.”

Roger Highfield at the Daily Telegraph yesterday does not let slip by a report by the Commons Science and Technology committee that describes exactly how the government improperly uses scientific research to back up new policies to extents that go beyond “fuzzy thinking” and “ignorance”.

“… many politicians still seem unable to comprehend that science is a never-ending dialogue between theory and experiment, not the recruitment of convenient facts.

When the Health Secretary, Patricia Hewitt, told one newspaper this year that more women should have babies at home, she signalled her determination by saying that she had even commissioned research to support her case.

What is even more ironic is that Tony Blair has affirmed “what matters is what works”. Evidently not.

Posted by: Eleanor


One response to “Ministers disguise conviction-based policies as evidence-based

  1. Religious doctrine is proclaimed as true without proof, scientific knowledge is accumulated by systematic study organized by general principles. Both eventually hold a greater value to the individual and both are a means by which the opinions of mankind are swayed. Perfect tools of manipulation by the politicians. Society’s training and focus on science has become so weak that people can easily be given false or misleading information fact. The scary thing here (US) is that the mixed messages eventually lead to apathy or religious indifference.

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