Seroxat Secrets

I’ve been reading Seroxat Secrets, a blog about the pharmaceutical industry (specifically GlaxoSmithKline) and how research surrounding the anti-depressant is often misrepresented.

Worth a look if this interests you.

Posted by: Eleanor


4 responses to “Seroxat Secrets

  1. Yep, it IS interesting and I’m glad you took a bit of time to look at it. There’s another interesting site called Uncomfortably Numb – a blog by a film producer, I can’t seem to embed the link, but the blog is listed in my blogroll.

  2. Thanks for the other recommendation – i will take a look :)

  3. One of the best locations I’ve come across lately!!! Definately a permanent bookmark! Visit my sites, please:

  4. Absolutely unreal…

    As an ex user of Seroxat i have set up a blog documenting this hideous medical scandal, fraud and corporate cover up..

    Seroxat has harmed , killed and maimed hundreds of thousands of people…

    It is the mental health thalidomide…

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