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I must admit I don’t know much about Scientology at all, apart from vague unformulated ideas about aliens and pictures of Tom Cruise looking positively manic, so I have only recently noticed that Scientology is very associated with the idea that mental health problems can be treated without drugs.

I had previously dismissed Scientology as some strange cult that I had no need to think about but now I see all over the internet such phrases as “contrary to the lies spread by Scientology, depression is a real physical illness with physical causes.” and there also seems to be an “anti-psychiatry movement” going on, which is also associated with Scientologists.

I can see that this topic is far more prominant in the US than the UK though of course thanks to the internet, geography is no longer a boundary in discussing and learning about approaches to mental health.
Living in the UK myself, I feel like I am more removed from these perceptions of Scientology and I am mildly concerned (probably due to my own ignorance) about this growing “two camp” situation in the US, the pharmaceuticals vs the scientology no-drugs-treatment. By default I am also concerned about where Human Givens fits into all this, especially for say, an American who chances upon this blog or our websites and doesn’t know anything about us.

I say this as I have noticed in my online prowlings HG being suspected of an association with Scientology (!?!), I suppose because of our more ‘holistic’ method of therapy and our openness to accept that drug treatments are not always necessary, and our advancement of the idea that depression is not always simply a chemical imbalance.

Is anyone more knowledgable about Scientology than me, could provide some more insight into this thought or tell me where I am going wrong in my assumptions? I will do some more research but I thought I’d throw it out here as well to see if anything interesting comes up.

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  1. Make no mistake, Scientology very definitely is a cult. Read the superb book Bare-faced Messiah: True Story of L.Ron Hubbard. It is an unputdownable exposé of the man, the cult and cult behaviour in general.

  2. “about this growing “two camp” situation in the US, the pharmaceuticals vs the scientology no-drugs-treatment”
    Calling it a “two camp situation” is offering Scientology a level of legitamacy it really doesn’t have. Even within the United States, where it has its largest following, Scientology is considered a running joke. But even outside Scientology there is no growing movement of “no-drug” treatments, there has always been a segment of the population of any Western society who have relied on holistic or herbal remedies. People do not, in any country, see Tom Cruise or John Travolta as philosophical leaders in this area in any sense. Except for, perhaps, a small unmedicated few willing to join as, perhaps, a means to the end of meeting some celebrities. There are, however, credible religious beliefs not based on alien races and volcanoes which limit medical treatments. Jehovah’s Witnesses, for example, will not allow blood transfusions or invasive surgery.

    As for the philosophy behind “The Human Givens Approach”, so far I haven’t seen anything to suggest that you want people to stop taking their pills, or that medications are Wrong. Just that there are alternatives which can be tried, but discarded if they don’t work. There’s no dogma attached (re: if your treatment doesn’t work it’s because it doesn’t work for me, not because I’m at fault for not believing with enough conviction).

    I’ve always believed “Stranger In A Strangeland” was Robert Heinlein’s way of poking a finger into L. Ron’s chest.

    If you want to learn more about the people who believe Tom Cruise is their Messiah:

  3. Thanks so much for that!! Perhaps I am over reacting…

  4. Hi Eleanor
    As you can see, its hard to make an opinion about Scientology without being pushed at one side or the other. Please see the website of the New York Detoxification Programm based on the works of L. Ron Hubbard and judge yourself, it could be interesting for you. My one page is only in german it’s

  5. Hi Eleanor,

    I read your article. The best thing to do in a situation like this is find out for yourself. I would read a book on the subject or if you are near London there is a Church of Scientology there as well.

    The word Scientology itself just means the study or knowledge or knowing in the fullest sense of the word.

    The more you are able to learn and understand about yourself and the world around you the better able you are to survive.

    Many Scientologists disagree with drugs (either street or over the counter) becaues they don’t get to the heart of the problem. Only serve as a mask to hide the problem.

    Everyone is different but you should read a book and see for yourself. I recommend “Dianetics” to start with.

    Best Regards, Lauren

  6. I was on your website “human givens” and its interesting stuff. Do you know the emotional scale of scientology?

  7. Err no – I didn’t. But thanks for pointing that out. It seems there is no area L .Ron Hubbard hasn’t covered!

  8. The ’emotional tone stress test’ is a classic example of the ‘clever’ or shall I say intentional misuse of the ‘rule of reciprocity’; scientology gives you something and in exchange you give them your name and email so they can inundate you with dianantics/scientology propaganda via email. If you are particularly vulnerable these ‘shiny’ smiling people who tell you so vigorously just how dianantics has changed their lives can suck you right in to purchasing the endless array of books and DVD’s that L. Ron Hubbard churns out (a perfect way of inculcating the innocent whose needs are perhaps not being met elsewhere) a tidy profit he is tucking away (if he is still alive, and even actually writing the books that is). It can also be very difficult to unsubscribe to their mailing list.

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