The Effects of Expectation

PsyBlog’s latest post is a wonderful summary of a study conducted in the 1962 by Schachter and Singer on the effects of expectation.. to avoid spoiling the aims of the experiment, I’ll just let you read the post:

“Euphoria induced by Experimental Trickery”

“To illustrate this nomination for my top ten psychology studies I’d like to tell you a story. Imagine it’s the 1960s and you’re a first year psychology student at the University of Minnesota. Being a brave soul, along with wanting a better final grade, you’ve agreed to take part in a psychology experiment.

You’ve heard that it involves testing a new vitamin injection but that hasn’t put you off. These are the days when men are real men and psychology experiments are real psychology experiments. Innocent days before ethics committees and lawyers took over and stopped psychologists injecting people and lying about their motives in the name of understanding human behaviour.

So you turn up to the lab where a white-coated man tells you they are testing the effects of a vitamin injection on vision. You roll up your sleeve and concentrate on those extra marks you’re going to receive as result of participating in this experiment…” Read more

Read a related article by Joe Griffin about the power of expectation here at the online archive.

Posted by: Eleanor

P.s – Happy Valentines Day!


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