2nd SharpBrains Blog Carnival

Be sure to take a look at the 2nd SharpBrains blog carnival, which includes:

The incredible relationship between the mind and the body,

At the Receiving End of an Anxiety Disorder,

Relax and Unwind – without spending any money,

An interview with Aaron Beck on the history of Cognitive Therapy.

“If psychiatry is to survive as a discipline, a merging of the concepts of neurology and psychology will need to occur.” – Aaron Beck

Click here for the full SharpBrains Carnival.

Posted by: Eleanor


4 responses to “2nd SharpBrains Blog Carnival

  1. Thanks for the links to some interesting sites. I enjoyed the Aaron Beck interview and can’t agree more with th quote about neurology and psych. needing to merge.


  2. Glad you liked them. SharpBrains always provides an interesting read. I just added you back onto my Blogroll, had slipped my mind since you returned to wordpress.


  3. Hello Eleanor: thanks for the link. We are glad you enjoyed the carnival!

    The interview with Aaron Beck is spectacular, isn’t it?

  4. I need to find my way back to time better spent in meditation. I have recently (last 6 months) taken up yoga again and of course meditation compliments it well. I was responding to someone in regards to their question as to “how do you relieve stress?” and said without too much thought “I am able to take myself back to that place.” When asked “What place?” I realized it was the center of Self I had seemed to have forgotten, yet still apparently use.

    Your reference was a nice reminder to get on with it.

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