“Community treatment orders won’t help people at all”

The proposed reform of the Mental Health Bill which would mean people with mental health problems could be detained despite commiting no crime has recieved a blow as the results of a review by the Institute of Psychiatry come to light which concludes that ‘Community Treatment Orders’ do not raise compliancy with medication or lower incidences of violence.

A spokesperson from mental health charity Mind said: “They will scare vulnerable people away from seeking help when they need it”.

The Mental Health Alliance, said: “We call on the government to use the evidence its own research has provided and to listen to the professionals, patients and families who have expressed such strong concerns about CTOs.

We addressed the Mental Health Bill in this post last year and it’s very interesting to read about these latest developments.

Read the full BBC article on the Institute of Psychaitry review here.

Posted by: Eleanor


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