Stress kills brain cells

The Journal of Neuroscience features a study which suggests that episodes of severe stress and worrying are enough to kill off new neurons in the brain .

“The researchers found that in young rats, the stress of encountering aggressive, older rats did not stop the generation of new nerve cells in the hippocampus.

However, it did prevent the cells from surviving – leaving fewer new neurons for processing feelings and emotions.”
This may have implications for the understanding and treatment of depression, as stress and depression are highly correlated.

Read the full BBC article here.

Posted by: Eleanor


3 responses to “Stress kills brain cells

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  2. Hola Eleanor: saw this news recently. I think most people are not aware of it-we just think of stress as something that comes with high-powered jobs-. Do you see a good effort in the UK to educate the public on the effects of stress-and the need for stress management as a needed skill to learn?

  3. Hi Alvaro! Nice to hear from you. Hm – good question. I think the need to manage stress is recognised – but I don’t think stress management is viewed so much as a “needed skill”..

    It would be very valuable if stress management skills and the relationship between stress and performace, and indeed, stress and illness were taught more widely.

    I am sure it would make a difference to many peoples lives.

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