Blairwatch interviews Adam Curtis

Go here to read the Blairwatch interview Adam Curtis about his new series, The Trap: what happened to our dreams of freedom.

“What I’m trying to do in these films is show that behind the way you think about yourself and the way those who govern you think about you, there are ideas. There are specific ideologies… The world we experience both personally and politically today is not the natural order. Many people think “oh this is it, we got there” because there aren’t alternatives. What I’m trying to say is “No, hang on. The way we think, the way we feel and the way those who govern us think and feel come from very specific ideologies”

The post has generated some very interesting comments..

If you’re looking for Ivan Tyrrell’s interview with Adam Curtis about his previous series, The Century of the Self then click here!

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3 responses to “Blairwatch interviews Adam Curtis

  1. watch all three episodes of THE TRAP by clicking HERE

  2. The satisfaction of a job well done (a phrase you used to hear a lot) has been replaced by a rash of performance targets – even for professionals like teachers and doctors – and an attitude that we can only expect the worst of people.

    Even using the words ‘pride’, ‘honour’, ‘loyalty’ has been made to seem somehow old-fashioned and naive. Only a fool now believes in them.

    This cannot be true. If such concepts don’t exist, how come people win VCs? Or do voluntary service? Or lose their lives rescuing drowning children?

    If you expect nothing of people, you’ll get nothing. In treating people as if they were automata, we have forfeited their loyalty. We have taught them to believe that self-interest is all-important. And herein lie many of the ills of our society.

    Well done Adam Curtis!

  3. Hi

    To view Adam Curtis’ ‘The Trap: What Happened To Our Dream of Freedom?’ in its entirety click here or go to


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