The Definitive Guide to Power Napping at Work

 We have said time and time again how important getting enough sleep is, but sometimes it seems like there are simply not enough hours in the day to get the sleep you need to function well at work.

However, Rich from the Spine Health blog brings us this fantastic guide to power napping at work and suggests that if employers created less ‘anti-nap’ environments, this would only benefit their businesses and employees.

“The main goal of a power nap is to reap the energizing, refreshing benefits of sleep in the least amount of time, which for most people is 20 to 30 minutes. This allows the body to complete two sleep cycles, providing rest and relaxation for the mind and body, but avoiding the deep slow wave sleep cycles.
Waking up between 30 and 60 minutes of sleep will usually produce sleep inertia — an undesirable effect that makes it hard to focus both mentally and visually. It’s very important that you avoid waking up during this time frame and allot the right amount of time for your power nap.
Of course, a longer nap of one to two hours is a great luxury, allowing you to complete an entire sleep cycle by reaching your deep sleep and REM stages. This type of restorative nap is difficult to attain during the workweek, however, and is best left as a weekend indulgence.”

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Posted by: Eleanor


2 responses to “The Definitive Guide to Power Napping at Work

  1. I find a mid afternoon ‘trance’ even more refreshing than a full nap. Almost everyday I find myself nodding off between 2-3pm, if I can give myself 20-30 minutes of trance time with guided imagery CDs (yes those from the Human Givens/Mindfields College!) I am amped and ready to face the rest of the day with increased focus, clarity, calm, and creativity!

  2. I wish they (my employer) would understand this, by hey this is America…need I say more?

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