Cannabis has a ‘significant impact on the brain’

Scientists have shown how cannabis may trigger psychotic illnesses such as schizophrenia.

The Institute of Psychiatry study gave THC, CBD or placebo capsules to adult male volunteers who had not abused cannabis.

They then carried out brain scans, and a battery of tests, and found that those who took THC showed reduced activity in an area of the brain called the inferior frontal cortex, which keeps inappropriate thoughts and behaviour, such as swearing and paranoia, in check.

The effects were short-lived, but some people appeared more vulnerable than others.

“If something has an active effect in inducing the symptoms of psychosis after one dose, then it would not be at all surprising if repeated use induced the chronic condition” Professor Robin Murray -Institute of Psychiatry.

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Posted by: Eleanor


4 responses to “Cannabis has a ‘significant impact on the brain’

  1. Why don’t these “scientists” smoke some pot and experience the so called “psychosis”. Maybe then they’d realize this crazy talk is bull. But they don’t want to understand cannabis in a disinterested, scientific manner. They want to prove it makes you crazy.

  2. From personal experience, for some people, pot does not just equate to a good time. I personally know two people that had to be institutionalized after smoking pot. One of them (my brother) only smoked pot once to develop full blown schizophrenia in need of lifelong medication to avoid psychotic episodes. If he goes off his meds, which schizophrenics invariably do in part because the side effects from the medication are awful, he becomes rampantly paranoid and a danger to himself. The other person I know (a friend from teenage years) partook a lot more cannabis smoking but has also wound up a medicated schizophrenic. I live in a very small town in New Zealand, so I hate to think just how many other people are suffering because of similar cannabis experiences. Both of the people I mention here were not on or experimenting with any other ‘harder’ drugs either.

    I personally know countless people that are dependent on cannabis to a debilitating degree in their lives. Cannabis is still predominantly thought of as harmless fun, and in many cases can be, but for some that are predisposed (which they may not know about at all) it is not ‘fun’. Research and education into the ‘whys’ is very important.

    The ‘scientists’ in the article actually say they are looking at cannabis to improve drugs for psychosis – which seems like a very good (if not a little ironic) use from my perspective.

  3. at least now I have an excuse… ;)

    Interesting study. It’s hard for me to be objective. Unless in the right situation it tends to make me feel uncomfortable.

  4. This is a very limited and simplistic study, to say the least, believeng drugs cause ‘schizophrenia’ or ‘psychosis’, is as ridiculous as saying drugs can cure these disorders of the mind. If you agree with it, you play into the hands of ‘chemical imbalance’ fanatics, there is no agreement on what ‘schizophrenia’ is, let alone what may cause it!

    Obviously drugs effect the mind, especially alcohol, caffeine and weed. ‘Inappropriate thoughts and behaviour’…take a look at any high street on a saturday night, you’ll see plenty of that, not from dope smokers I might add.

    HG puts forward alternative ideas concerning mental ill health, not chemical imbalance theories.

    Of course if a person’s needs are not being met or their personality is out of balance, they can become metally ill. Excessive use of drugs such as alcohol (ethanol) lead to many ruined lives, many people hospitalised with panic, paranoia and depression…visit any psychiatric ward for the proof of this statement or speak to any casualy nurse. This also applies, to a far lesser degree, to other substances, such as cannabis.

    If a person’s life is out of balance, especially sleep and other Human needs, problems will follow. In this country coffee seems to be the next big problem to alcohol, keeping people from sleeping well, apparently we are becoming a ‘coffee nation’ and sleep disorders are on the increase.

    Let’s try and be a bit smarter than ‘The Sun’ or we become just as ignorant as them.
    Best wishes, Jeremy

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