What about lucid dreaming?

Something I didn’t anticipate from feedback to our new dreaming website and the theory explored on it was how influential the phenomenon of lucid dreaming was. Lucid dreaming was fed back to us a few times as something Joe Griffin had overlooked, as a type of dreaming that the expectation fulfilment theory could not explain, but this is not the case.

Lucid dreaming seems to be a big issue in America particularly. It’s an ‘Art’, it’s a ‘Science’. Type “lucid dreaming” into Google and it yields 710,000 results, “LUCID DREAM IN JUST 7 DAYS – NEW KIT IS 100% GUARANTEED” – people have dedicated their lives to the phenomenon and are making money from it. People pay to ‘learn’ it and attain that magical state of gaining control of their own dreams.

Who wouldn’t want to be able to control their own behaviour in a dream, to experience all the reality, adventure and meaning first hand, instead of “wasting” those out of control 22 years of your life you spend sleeping, unable to influence your own behaviour like you can during the day?

We have added a section stating our position on lucid dreaming on the Why we Dream website as the subject has been covered in the Dreaming Reality book, we just didn’t anticipate the amount of interest this facet of dream research would generate!

“Theories of dreaming that do not allow for occasional lucidity are, necessarily, incorrect or incomplete, because lucid dreaming is an acknowledged phenomenon. Our view of the REM state and the function of dreaming does not exclude lucidity in dreams.

Lucid dreaming occurs in the REM state like any other phenomenon involving memory, metaphor and imagination. The same effects can be achieved through hypnosis, a focussed state of attention that artificially accesses the REM state. Knowledge of how to do this has been around for perhaps 40,000 thousand years.”

So if lucid dreaming interests you, please read the full What about lucid dreaming? section and other related pages for further information on why the expectation fulfilment theory of dreaming does not exclude lucid dreaming.

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10 responses to “What about lucid dreaming?

  1. Indeed, lucid dreaming is becoming an increasing popular subject!. It is through a google blog search (keyword “lucid dreaming”)that I found your blog, and I too, run a blog, mine primarily on…you guesssed…lucid dreaming.

    I’ve just read nearly every word on the Why We Dream website and I am… enthralled. Expect to hear more from me soon & these are some amazing ideas you’re putting out there and I would very much like to learn more about it, and possibly blog about it.

  2. Thank you so much Ben for your encouragement – if you’re interested in the theory I really recommend getting hold of the book in which these ideas are published, Dreaming Reality, as it greatly expands on the ideas on website and also provides all references! You can get it from our online shop at http://www.humangivens.com (plug plug!)

    You can also learn more about the Human Givens approach from this website: http://www.hgi.org.uk

    Feel free to blog about the ideas on your website, in fact it’d be great if you could, and if you have any questions, feedback or comments just let me know.

    I will check out your blog – it sound very interesting! Would you like to exchange links?

  3. I’d love to exchange links. I’ve added you to my blogroll just now.

    Unfortunately I cannot find a paperback copy of the book on Ebay or Amazon (!?!) in the USA…do you know of a place to order it within North America? I was hoping to save on shipping charges.

  4. I don’t know of anywhere, I’m really sorry!

  5. I had no idea lucid dreaming was such a popular topic but it has turned out to be one of my most popular posts.

  6. what is all about lucid dreaming?
    can you please send me another post with proper explanation.

  7. There is lots of information on Lucid Dreaming all over the internet, if you just google it. Lucid Dreaming is a state where you are aware of your dreams and can sometimes learn to ‘control’ them, normally just before going to sleep as your brain experiences REM sleep.

  8. Nobody should waste their money on these ‘kits.’ They make it sound like lucid dreaming is impossible without them. If you think they are impossible, they will be impossible for you. I’m 15 and I’ve had 2 lucid dreams since the start of March (Today’s the 30th). My favorite Lucid Dreaming site is http://www.ld4all.com, if you guys want to know more.

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