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What about lucid dreaming?

Something I didn’t anticipate from feedback to our new dreaming website and the theory explored on it was how influential the phenomenon of lucid dreaming was. Lucid dreaming was fed back to us a few times as something Joe Griffin had overlooked, as a type of dreaming that the expectation fulfilment theory could not explain, but this is not the case.

Lucid dreaming seems to be a big issue in America particularly. It’s an ‘Art’, it’s a ‘Science’. Type “lucid dreaming” into Google and it yields 710,000 results, “LUCID DREAM IN JUST 7 DAYS – NEW KIT IS 100% GUARANTEED” – people have dedicated their lives to the phenomenon and are making money from it. People pay to ‘learn’ it and attain that magical state of gaining control of their own dreams.

Who wouldn’t want to be able to control their own behaviour in a dream, to experience all the reality, adventure and meaning first hand, instead of “wasting” those out of control 22 years of your life you spend sleeping, unable to influence your own behaviour like you can during the day?

We have added a section stating our position on lucid dreaming on the Why we Dream website as the subject has been covered in the Dreaming Reality book, we just didn’t anticipate the amount of interest this facet of dream research would generate!

“Theories of dreaming that do not allow for occasional lucidity are, necessarily, incorrect or incomplete, because lucid dreaming is an acknowledged phenomenon. Our view of the REM state and the function of dreaming does not exclude lucidity in dreams.

Lucid dreaming occurs in the REM state like any other phenomenon involving memory, metaphor and imagination. The same effects can be achieved through hypnosis, a focussed state of attention that artificially accesses the REM state. Knowledge of how to do this has been around for perhaps 40,000 thousand years.”

So if lucid dreaming interests you, please read the full What about lucid dreaming? section and other related pages for further information on why the expectation fulfilment theory of dreaming does not exclude lucid dreaming.

Posted by: Eleanor


The current state of knowledge about sleep and dreaming

Following Eleanor’s previous post about our new website, and to further highlight the need for up to date knowledge on sleep and dreaming: here are some almost unbelievable direct quotations from a ‘science’ programme on BBC Radio 4 called The Defeat of Sleep.

The programme was about the drug companies search for ‘smart drugs’.

“There is a theory going round that we’re failing our brains. Vast potential remains untapped. If we could just maximise the time we spend in deep thought and subtly alter the ways in which we think, then maybe mankind could make rapid advances.”

“If we are going to take advantage of the untapped potential of our brains the obvious first step is to remove the time we waste, those eight hours we spend each night in the land of nod.

“The part of the brain which really does require sleep more than any other are the higher centres, so what is very clear is that when we go to sleep at night the brain appears to go into what appears to be a deeper sleep and more profound, recovery sleep than the later part of the night and, as sleep progresses this depth of sleep decreases and we go into lighter sleep and more dreaming sleep it seems. So there is a certain element of sleep towards the end of the night that becomes redundant, more pleasure rather than anything else.”

“Infants evolved to sleep more, not because they need to, but simply in order to give their parents a rest.

The people saying these things work in University departments and are cited as ‘experts’. And the ironic thing is that the programme was supposed to be about making humanity smarter!

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Why do we dream? – New Website Launched

Have you ever wondered why we evolved to dream?

A new website from Human Givens Publishing Ltd has just been launched that explores in depth Joe Griffin’s expectation fulfilment theory, the latest psychobiological explanation of dreaming, which has become an integral part of human givens therapy.

why we dream

Find out:

– why dreams can be so bizarre
– why dreams can feel so meaningful
– why we dream in metaphor
– what the REM state is
– how hypnosis works
– the cycle of depression and how you can innoculate yourself against it
– the link between dreaming and psychosis
– how to interpret your own dreams

and much more…

We are intending this site to be used as a valuable resource and we are hoping if you find it useful, you will be able to share it among friends, clients, collegues, relatives – anyone who many be interested to know more about this influential theory.

(Also, this is the first site I have ever built so if you spot any mistakes just contact me and I’ll do something about it!)

Posted by: Eleanor