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We’re moving!


EDIT: 8TH FEB 2013 –


I’m in the process of moving this blog from WordPress to a location on the MindFields College website. I’m so pleased with the amount of interesting content we’ve built up on this blog and I hope this can be continued at the new location which will look and perform the same but will just be under a different URL.

I’m still tinkering with the layout and pictures but from now on, to read more posts from Mindfields College and the Human Givens Institute on depression, anxiety, dreaming, psychosis, trauma, education, therapy and lots more – GO HERE —>>!

If you have links to this blog, I’d be so greatful if you could update them to direct to

New Blog posts at the new location:

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A human given: the need for autonomy and control
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Is the NHS capable of learning from nature?
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Addiction Book Review
Why doesn’t dreaming de-arouse the emotions which result in trauma?
“If you really believe something is going to do you some harm, it will.”
15th Century Islamic medical textbook contains no mention of Schizophrenia

Thanks for all your support and see you over there!

we've moved

Eleanor Tyrrell